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 Life can take its toll on the skin in a myriad of ways. Whether its dealing with stress, water loss, aging cells or even sun exposure, it can be so hard to find the right solution that can address multiple factors in the most nature and chemical free way.

The R3 RE-RHYT products are a carefully thought out collection with a natural and scientifically based solution. They drench the skin in a blend that synergistically slow the aging process of cells, firm and tighten cohesion between cells, improve skin tone and texture and improve fine lines and wrinkles.  They also help to exfoliate, strengthen, protect, nourish, hydrate, to reveal younger brighter skin from below. You will feel your skin become irresistible, never wanting to put it down.


Exfoliating Glycolic Acid, 4 Fruit Acids, Lactic Acid to remove devitalized skin, improve hydration and increase collagen production.

Skin rejuvenation with retinol, sea algae extract by increasing collagen production and stimulating epidermal stem cell and dermal fibroblast activity, encouraging skin rejuvenation.

Nourishing Squalene, Vitamin B5, Hylauronic Acid, Konjac Root Extract, Mango Butter, Shea Butter, Inca Inchi seed oil, Omegas and hydrating spheres

Preventative Antioxidants, Green tea extract, Gotu Kola Stem Cells, Gardenia Stem Cells, Magnolia Berry, Pea extract to prevent skin damage and firmness loss.

Strengthening Phytocomplex blend, Magnolia Berry strengthens the cohesion between cells and capillaries

Tightening Microalgae Extract, Magnolia Berry,  Caprooyl Phytosphingosine improves the skins tone, tightness and reduce sagging.

Protective Swiss Apple Extract helps to protect our own stem cells.

Smoothing Teprenone, Special blends of peptides Tetrapeptide, Pentapeptide, and Hexapeptide helping to promote desired pathways for attenuating muscle contraction, enhancing beautiful skin.